Donald Trump admits he has no plans to #FreeSwag

In an interview with American news station, CNN, Donald Trump admitted that, despite promising he would, he will not be pressuring Valve to unban ex-Cloud9 and iBuyPower player, Swag.

The original claim arose from Trump’s research team discovering that announcing a love of the eSports scene would better his campaign. “I love eSports!” he announced at one of his sports, “Don’t we all love eSports, folks? I love all of the fribergs and the freakazoids and all of the ESLs. It’s very good for America!”

“But folk keeping telling me,” he went on, “Donald, Donald, Donald. North America simply can’t compete in CSGO. Do you know what I told them, folks? I told them that if I get elected, we will make North America great again!”

The crowd went wild, loving every moment of the speech, as the (now) President Elect announced that he wanted to unban the player known as Swag, who was banned after accidentally stealing money from his supporters through a match-fixing scandal.

Hillary Clinton supporters had immediately took to Twitter, saying that immigration had helped Team Liquid climb to one of the best teams in the world and that Cloud9 were the next big thing. “Let’s make North America mediocre again,” one, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Global Defensive, “Swag wasn’t even that good.”

Hillary Clinton herself took to Twitter, in response to Trump’s claims, “Yo les Donald is just try 2 pretend he has le $$$wag but me_irl has much $wag such s1mple very Cloud9. ^-^ ^-^ ^-^”

However, fans of the most notoriously friendly team (iBuyPower) were left disappointed as Trump confessed that it simply wasn’t something that was possible for him, at the moment.

“It’s ridiculous!” one fan, wearing a “I have $wag” t-shirt (although he didn’t have him with him), told Global Defensive with anger, “He’s let us down more than Cloud9, and that’s not even, technically, possible.”

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